Crystal Bar Soap

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You'll be amazed at the microscopic bubbles! The magic crystal bar soap is made by our original method!

The large amount of "microbubbles" creates a double cleansing effect.

It creates the richest and finest lather I have ever seen. Just one light swirl of this soap in the palm of your wet hand will create an amazingly fine, fluffy micro-lather! Wrap your face in the light foam like whipped cream and wash your face.

*Remove point makeup first.

Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, this high-grade soap is safe for sensitive skin. Luxurious use of myristic acid, which is said to be the highest quality raw material for soap, removes excess sebum but is moist and gentle to the touch.

Our handmade soaps are carefully made by removing irritating ingredients as much as possible and can be used by people with sensitive skin, acne, and atopic skin.

No enrichment agent used. This is a great value soap that can be used for about half a year.

Contents: 100g


Myristic acid, water, lauric acid, sodium hydroxide, palmitic acid, K hydroxide, glycerin, polymethacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine, citric acid, BG, tocopherol

This face soap makes my face feel super clean and its very gentle. I love that i only need to use a little bit to wash my face.


ちょっとこするだけで、泡立ちがすごく、泡もきめが細やかで 石鹸もほとんど減らないのですごく気に入りました。頭皮もべたべたがなくなった気がします。お肌は、きれいになる実感がありますが、ちょっと突っ張るきがしました。
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